NPSDC Accomplishments

Since its inception in March 2003, the Coalition Project has accomplished the following:

  • Increased its membership of non-profit human services member organizations from 8 to over 30.
  • Held 85 successful Coalition meetings with Committee members, represented by the member organizations. (These collaborative meetings have resulted in the planning, design, development and coordination of the annual Staff Training Needs Survey; successful workshops since July 2003; the development of Coalition Initiatives 2 and 3; NPSCDC's Learning Statement and NPSDC's Learning Pods sessions).
  • Designed, developed and administered an annual Staff Training Needs Survey to staff of Coalition partner organizations to identify critical skill building needs. Based on these identified needs, the Coalition develops and delivers relevant, effective staff development workshops).
  • Since July 2003, over 140 workshops have been developed and delivered based on the identified needs of staff of coalition member organizations. An average of 30-50 staff attended each of these workshops and workshop evaluations continue to be very positive.
  • Per Coalition Initiative #2: (Transfer and Application of Learning): In 2005 the Coalition Committee designed two tools to track and assess the application of knowledge and skills gained from the NPSDC workshops for effective job performance:
    • A post workshop evaluation (e-mail) survey
    • NPSDC "Learning Pods" sessions (incorporated at the end of each workshop. Participants complete an Action Plan committing to share and transfer their learning)
    • Tested three pilot versions of the “Transfer of Learning” model (this model continues to be refined)
  • Per Coalition Initiative #3: (Promoting and Strengthening a consistent “Learning Culture): The Coalition Committee spent much of 2004 creating, developing and designing the Coalition’s first tool towards supporting this Initiative in member organizations. In March 2005, the Committee launched this tool i.e. “NPSDC’s LEARNING STATEMENT” (see box).
  • Value recognition for NPSDC:
    • The NPSDC project was featured in the September 2013 National Career Development Association’s Career Convergence online magazine and recognized as a respected and effective example of non-profits joining forces and collaborating to provide quality professional development for their collective staffs. 
    • Over the past several years, a couple of small non profits in Washington DC;  a leadership consultant for non profits in Washington DC;  and a large foundation that serves many non profits in Miami, Florida have expressed interest in this NPSDC model. Their response in learning more about the model was unanimously: “Wow!  a unique and great resource for non profits which we need to create here”.
    • Also a few years ago Capella (online) University had its students in the Graduate program in Non Profit Leadership do a study on successful coalitions. NPSDC was cited as one such.
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