Non-Profit Staff Development Coalition Project

presentation The mission of the Non-Profit Staff Development Coalition Project is to help staff in non-profit human services organizations reach professional and personal excellence by protecting, nurturing, strengthening and enhancing the staff development function in their organizations.

This will be achieved by collaboratively working on three initiatives:

Initiative #1: Staff Training

This is the Coalition's primary focus. This would involve identifying unmet staff training needs and then designing, developing and delivering relevant training activities at minimal cost.

Intiative #2: Transfer and Application of Learning for Effective Job Performance

Linked to Initiative #1 - this would involve assessing the transfer/application of knowledge and skills gained from staff training to the employee's job with effective results.

Initiative #3: Promoting, strengthening and reinforcing a consistent "learning culture" within Coalition member organizations.

All of these initiatives ultimately support and strengthen excellence in service delivery.

We believe that learning is central and critical to what we do. Continuous and progressive learning creates opportunities, challenges how we normally see and do things, builds understanding of our mission and strengthens community connections.

- Learning Statement developed by the NPSD Coalition Committee (January 2005)


September 15, 2017 Seattle, WA


Angela Duckworth, recipient of a MacArthur Foundation “genius grant,” and a positive psychology leader, discovered that it is not the most capable or most creative individuals who succeed, but those who demonstrate passion and perseverance toward a long-term goal.  She called this “grit.”  The same is true of organizations.  In the current political climate, which changes almost daily, organizations wishing to survive and thrive will have to be gritty.  Those serving individuals with special challenges will need to be able to instill grit in others. 

An interactive introduction to GRIT,  what it means, and why it has captured so much attention, will set the tone for a discussion about its role in individual and organizational success, during this workshop. 

Participants will learn about the Grit Scale, generate ideas for integrating grit into their organization’s culture and create scenarios where grit is increasing customer success rates.   

Workshop Objectives: 
• Help participants understand how grit is connected to self-efficacy, resiliency, motivation, Appreciative Inquiry and other elements of positive psychology.
• Learn about the elements of grit, and brainstorm ideas for bringing them into an organization’s culture.   
• Acquire strategies for using grit to improve customer success rates.   

Cal Crow
Presented By:
 Non Profit Staff Development Coalition (NPSDC)
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