Center for Efficacy and Resiliency (CER)

Cal Crow, Ph.D.

After a quarter century of providing workshops, conferences and other activities covering a myriad of topics, CLC has decided to add another “center” to the family. It will be called the Center for Efficacy and Resiliency (CER), and will have a simple mission. To help organizations create cultures of efficacy and resiliency that help people to maximize their potential. The rationale for such a center is clear:

We know that self-efficacy (my belief that I am able to perform a task or manage a situation) is a major predictor of success in school and work. We know what contributes to it, how to increase it, and how to destroy it. (Note: Self-efficacy is not the same as self-esteem, which is a feeling. Self-efficacy is a belief.)

We know that resiliency (my ability to overcome obstacles and rebound from setbacks) is also a major contributor to success. We know that everyone is born with it. We know how to increase it, how to help people maintain it throughout their lives, and how to stifle it.

The payoff from helping individuals and organizations become more self-efficacious and resilient can be significant. Some possibilities include:

  • Higher student achievement levels
  • Lower dropout rates
  • Fewer attendance problems in our schools
  • More motivated students and employees
  • A reduction in violence, crime, and recidivism rates
  • Improved quality and productivity in business and industry
  • Improvements in staff morale
  • More effective decision-making
  • A reduction in the number of people needing public assistance


Professionals who understand efficacy and resiliency can have a significant positive impact on the people they serve.
What are examples of professionals who will benefit from CER programs and services?

Educators will learn how a school structured to increase efficacy and resiliency will become a school “where students want to be.” When this occurs, student learning and motivation will increase and many “problems” will decrease or even disappear.

Employment counselors will learn how generating a sense of efficacy and resiliency in their customers will improve placement and retention rates, and improve relationships with employers.

Social service professionals will learn how to help individuals move closer to self-sufficiency.

Corrections professionals will learn how to reduce recidivism rates.

Youth-serving professionals will learn how to help young people visualize and create successful futures..

Private sector employers will learn how to improve productivity, increase motivation, and raise employee morale.

Parents can also benefit by learning how to raise self-efficacy and resiliency levels in their children.

CER Events

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